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My son, Noah (age 16) and I are restoring a couple of classic cars. Mine is a 1965 Thunderbird convertible, which belonged to my uncle Charlie. After his death in Louisville, Kentucky, I purchased the car from my Aunt Tylanna, and Noah and my cousin, Greg, and I went up to Louisville to pick it up and bring it back to Houston. It was in pretty rough shape, but we are working to bring it back to life. Everything under the hood had been restored, and now we are working on the body and interior.

Noah’s car is a 1969 Cutlass S convertible. He found it on eBay after he turned 13, and we have been slowly getting a little work done on it here and there, mostly mechanical. It is currently in the body shop getting a lot of new steel, a freshen up under the hood, and a new paint job (black).

This is the day we brought home Uncle Charlie’s 1965 Thunderbird. It is almost ready for paint now (bone white). I plan to update the wheels to factory chrome spokes. The top and interior will remain black.


This is the day after we picked up Noah’s Cutlass from the seller, who happened to live here in the area. The blue is being sanded and stripped down. The new color will be non-mteallic stock black. The convertible top and interior will also be changed to black.

2011-10-27 Noah's '69 Cutlass

The Thunderbird leading a homecoming parade at Cypress Christian School.

Thunderbird homecoming.

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