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Noel R. Vincent is Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Senior Partners, LLC, a full-service investment, tax, risk, and estate planning practice devoted to serving the unique needs of mature investors. He has more than 25 years of professional business management and investment experience as a specialist in retirement and estate planning. His firm manages investor assets exceeding $100 million.  Noel began his career in 1985 with The Travelers, then quickly moved to establish his own firm.  By 1999, Noel had built an investment business of more than 100 financial planning professionals, a home office staff of 70, and regional offices in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, with his main headquarters in Houston, Texas.  When his wife became seriously ill in 1998, Noel made plans to sell the firm and stay home to take care of his wife and their two small children during her illness.  His wife was bedridden for six years, but by 2003 Noel went back into private practice.

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