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We are the AAngels!  I love baseball.  I coach of my son’s elite-level 16 year-old baseball team.  I’ve been coaching him since he was in tee ball at age 4.  He has played in the State tournament in Dallas, the World Series in Baton Rouge, and at Cooperstown, New York.  He is a centerfielder and bats 3rd (the power position).  Last season and this season (Fall 2014) we played against high school juniors and seniors. Our boys are 15 and 16 year olds. We finished the season in first place again.

Noah was so aggressive in one tournament this season, that he broke his leg when he collided with a team mate. Both were running hard to field a line drive. The teammate suffered a ruptured spleen. Both boys ended their seasons early, but we are grateful to the Lord that they are now recovering well. I hope you’re not squeamish.

Noah's Right Leg X-Ray

Noah's Stitches

These three shots of Noah stealing home were taken at Cooperstown, NY in the summer of 2011, where he and his team mates were inducted into the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame.

 1-Going Home



I took our 7 year old All-Star team to the World Series in Baton Rouge (2006). Noah is the kid with the big ears to the left of Austin’s pennant. I am holding the other coach’s son, Jonathan. The other coach is holding our third coach’s son, Tanner.

SK Vipers 2006 World Series, Baton Rouge

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  1. Noah is the best base runner in youth baseball I’ve seen. If he gets on base, which he will a lot of times, he will be stealing home. Even if he’s put out, he would rather try than not. What fun to watch!

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