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I can’t believe Maggie and Henry let me marry their daughter and still talk to me. Stephanie is my best friend, lover, confidant, encourager, world travel companion, and wife. She’s the one I want. We were married on November 12, 1988. We are perfect for each other. I am Type-A all the way. Everything with me is a head-on, over-the-top, frontal assault. Steph is the alkaline to my acid. She knows how to handle me, and she tempers me. She’s the reason my friends are willing to play with me. She is gentle and kind, sensitive and compassionate, forgiving and merciful. And, she’s a beauty. She’s everything I’m not. She deserves better than me. I am thankful that the Lord blinded Maggie and Henry and let me catch her. I love her. “I’m a stand by my woman man; I fall asleep at night thinking, ‘Ain’t love grand.'” – a line from the Ronnie Milsap country classic.

Kona, Hawaii - 2006

22 years.
2011-11-12 22 Years

Stop by again, more pictures are coming.

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