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Noel R. Vincent is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he earned a B.A.E. in theology. He is also a graduate of Biola University where he earned a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics. He is currently preparing a research proposal for the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK), where he plans to begin work on a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology.  Noel’s research thesis is The Obligate Symbiosis of a Trinitarian Ontology and the Divine Attribute of Love. Noel served as the bi-vocational Senior Pastor of Compass Community Church in northwest Houston, Texas, for 12 years. He stepped down as Pastor in 2012 to take the Provost & Associate Director’s position at World Hope Bible Institute, for which he travels throughout the year to Africa, Asia, and South America. Noel writes in-depth articles on Christian apologetics for the blog, Apologia Veritas. And, you can follow Noel’s world-wide adventures and childhood stories on his personal blog. Noel also serves as Vice-Chairman and Chairman-Elect of the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center – Houston Advisory Council and serves on the Advisory Council for Southwestern Seminary’s J. Dalton Havard School for Theological Studies Houston campus.

In addition to his ministry service, Noel is Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Senior Partners, LLC, a full-service investment, tax, risk, and estate planning private wealth management practice devoted to serving the unique needs of mature investors. He has more than 30 years of professional business management and investment experience as a specialist in retirement and estate planning. His firm manages investor assets exceeding $100 million. Noel has served on the investment committee of his broker dealer, Madison Avenue Securities, for two years, and presently serves as an ex-offico consultant to the committee. In his spare time, Noel also trains top financial advisors around the country through his The Total Practice mentoring program and is completing his first book, The Total Practice: Becoming the Premier Wealth Manager in Your Market, which is due out in mid 2018.

Although born in the Midwest, he was raised in Texas. Noel coached elite youth baseball for ten years and is an avid bass fisherman and also a bird hunter with his English Setter, Sage, and his two Brittanys, Cash and Katie. Noel and his wife, Stephanie, have been married for 30 years, and they have two fine children whom they adore, Chelsea (in graduate school) and Noah (a college freshman).Noel golf shirt - best

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  1. Noel, I enjoyed your teaching this past Sunday in the L.I.F.E class. The beauty of the Gospel in the Old Testament is empowering. Thanks for your encouragement on defending the faith.

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